Mo'o 2013 Narration 2

Table abbrevations:

PT= phonetic transcription

NR= normalized representation†

GE= gloss English

FTE= free translation English

FTC= free translation Chinese

This narration was recorded by Ilka Wild in collaboration with Elizabeth Zeitoun in March 2013 in Namasia village. The speaker is Mo'o Kangena. He produced this text during a fieldwork session while the team was woring on a word list with him.†

For details regarding the revision/ reediting of the text please refer to†‚Language Documentation‘.

2013 Moo Narration 2

Mo' Narration 2/2013

rf 2013_MooN2_01
PT i:ku ya kaʔaŋena moʔo kanakanavu
NR iiku ia ka'anenga mo'o kanakanavu
GE 1SG.A TOP Ka'anenga Mo'o Kanakanavu
FTE I am the Kanakanavu Mo'o Kanenga.

rf 2013_MooN2_02
PT i:ku ya kaʔaŋena moʔo
NR iiku ia ka'anenga mo'o
GE 1SG.A TOP Ka'anenga Mo'o
FTE I am Mo'o Kanenga.

rf 2013_MooN2_03
PT i:kasu ya ne:n
NR iikasu ia neen
GE 2SG.A TOP what
FTE Who are you?

rf 2013_MooN2_04
PT ne:n i:kasu
NR neen iikasu
GE what 2SG.A
FTE Who are you?

rf 2013_MooN2_05
PT ne:n ŋanai su
NR neen nganai su
GE what name POSS:2.SG
FTE What is your name?

rf 2013_MooN2_06
PT te: kita makinanu taniaɾa soni
NR tee kita makinanu taniara soni
GE 1PI.A do.what day today
FTE What are we going to do today?

rf 2013_MooN2_07
PT te:kita makaɾikaɾi poʔi:sua kaɾi
NR tee kita makarikari po'iisua kari
GE 1PI.A discuss(AV) talk.about speech
FTE We will discuss how to speak.

rf 2013_MooN2_08
PT te: kita maɾisinatʉ
NR tee kita marisinatʉ
GE 1PI.A learn
FTE We will study.

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